Expand Your Reach With .yoga

Do you teach yoga or sell products related to this form of relaxation and exercise? With a well-conceived domain name, a website with a .yoga extension will benefit instructors who desire better advertising success for their services or studios. The descriptor gives you a platform straight away, whether you practice Hatha, Kundalini, Bikram, or other types of yoga. Moreover, this benefits businesses that intend to reach the larger yogi community through vegan meals, apparel and yoga gear, and essential oils. Connect with your audience better by choosing .yoga for your site.

What Is .yoga?

Made available for registration only in February 2015, .yoga is a relatively new generic top-level domain. It is open without restrictions and has almost 16,000 registrations today. Registration is done through various registrars and is managed by Top Level Domain Holdings.

Who Uses .yoga?

Delegated under the sport category, .yoga was created to cater to individuals and organizations offering information and services related specifically to yoga. Popular yoga bloggers, teachers, and studios use this extension along with those who offer yoga equipment and clothing.

Why Go With .yoga?

Instantly grab the attention of yoga enthusiasts with a domain extension that directly identifies your website as part of the yoga community. Easily connect with other instructors and studios who share the same passion as you do. If you manufacture clothing, accessories, and equipment for yoga, a .yoga extension also enables you to more easily reach that niche market.
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