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Most small businesses use personal email for professional use. A business email address gives your brand the edge when communicating with customers and partners.
Business Email

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With plans for as little as $1.19* a month, business mail is a low-cost way to build trust online. Get analytics, 1 TB of free storage, and more.
Business Email

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Our servers are secure and trusted. Join savvy business owners and separate your professional life from your personal email.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Business Mail is email that was specifically built for businesses. Most small businesses use personal email for professional use. A business email address will align with your domain and give your brand more credibility.
Yes! Business Mail is perfect for people on the go. The Business Mail app has a 4.5 star rating in the app store and is very easy to use.
Business Mail is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family. Business Mail is great for running a business and managing multiple employees online. As the administrator, you can easily add new mailboxes or aliases, transfer mailboxes, reset passwords, and more.
Each email address comes with 1TB of storage for free. That’s the equivalent of 1000 GB which means you virtually never have to delete email messages to save space. This is the largest amount of free space available from any email provider.

Yes! Aliases are additional email addresses you can give to your existing email users. For example, you can give your employee, John Smith (, the aliases and Messages sent to these addresses will go straight to John's inbox.

You can use aliases to categorize incoming messages, reassign responsibilities within your organization, protect your personal email address from spam, and more.

Yes! To recreate an alias, just follow the steps for creating a new alias. Recreating an alias will not recover any deleted or missed email sent to the alias. Recreating an alias is just like creating a brand new alias.
Each business email address can have up to 30 aliases. Learn more about aliases.