Expand Your Reach With .top

.top is counted among the top 10 most popular TLD names. Its brevity and association with dedication and excellence make it a sought-after domain extension. You can use it for a wide variety of sites, making the extension very convenient to use. Let’s say you want a catchy and memorable online presence that signifies ambition and innovation. .top can help provide the competitive posture for your business, whether you’re a startup or a veteran in your industry.

What Is .top?

Officially delegated in ICANN on August 4, 2014, the generic top-level domain .top was made available for public registration on the 18th of November of that same year. This domain extension is managed by .top registry and can be registered by any individual or business entity.

Who Uses .top?

There are over three million .top registrations today. These are from individuals and companies from various industries. They are a mix of industry leaders and small companies that aspire to be top brands in their niche.

Why Go With .top?

Set yourself apart from the competition by using the .top domain extension. It grabs attention and creates an impression that you are among the top brands in the industry. With .top, your clients know that you offer only the best products and services. They’ll know that you strive to always be on top of your game. Let people know you’re their best option by going with .top.
* Sale/introductory pricing is valid for the initial purchase term only.