Expand Your Reach With .net

Short for "network",.net was originally created for internet connectivity and infrastructure providers and emailing services. It's become widely adopted by companies providing collaboration tools or hosting databases and smaller websites. The extension is currently the second most popular extension in the world. And for businesses that can't get their name registered under .com, it’s the next best option. Alternatively, you can also register your website under both extensions for better brand protection.

What Is .net?

.net is the third most registered TLD today with approximately 15 million registrations around the globe. This generic top-level domain was created in 1985 mainly for internet reference sites but is now open to anyone without restrictions. The registration for .net is managed and operated by Verisign.

Who Uses .net?

The .net domain name registration was originally established for infrastructure companies, Internet service providers, and other organizations offering network technologies. Most registrations are from individuals and enterprises in the field of information technology and infrastructure. Popular sites that use .net include Slideshare, Php, Battle, and Behance.

Why Go With .net?

A .net extension associates your website with a certain niche. This is a good domain name extension if you offer services related to the internet such as email hosting, database hosting, or networking. It also connects you to the info tech community and makes your site more appealing to other programmers and web designers.
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