Expand Your Reach With .help

It’s easy to get lost while trying to look for help in today’s increasingly convoluted information highway. Numerous other websites that offer assistance, services, or information exist. How can you make your voice heard? Having a .help domain extension can enable your business to be quickly identified. Let your audience know what your business’s nature is all about. Facilitate their easy and convenient access to helpful content. With a clever domain extension, your business would be able to connect with old, new, and potential customers. Get wider reach and influence with a .help extension.

What Is .help?

The .help TLD was delegated into the DNS root zone in August 2014 and was made available for use by the general public in November 2014.

Who Uses .help?

Anyone who deals with information will prefer using a .help extension, as it accurately describes what their website and business is all about. Whether you’re a content creator, blogger, or someone with products and services, a .help extension will effectively send a message that you’re there to help your target audience.

Why Go With .help?

Showcase your expertise to a global audience and let them reach out to you whenever they need help. With the advances in technology and the internet, people from all over the world have increasingly turned to these avenues for help with practically anything, from searching for how-to guides to finding the right skincare products. A .help extension provides your audience with a space where they feel confident asking for and getting help.
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