Expand Your Reach With .guitars

The guitar is one of the world's most popular musical instruments. A website ending with .guitars will help create an affinity with those who love its sounds. The extension is an effective way to promote your skills or business, whether you're a session musician, band member, teacher, composer, luthier, or guitar retailer. It doesn't matter if you play an acoustic, electric, bass, or even air guitar. Instrumentalists and fans alike would be drawn to .guitars the way they would be to a familiar, well-loved tune.

What Is .guitars?

Delegated to the Root Zone of the Domain Name System on the 18th of January in 2014, the .guitars domain name extension was offered for general availability on April 15 of the same year. It is a generic top-level domain under the registry management of Uniregistry.

Who Uses .guitars?

There are less than 1,000 registrations for the .guitars domain extension. These are a mix of individuals and corporations who play the guitar, offer lessons, or manufacture instruments and accessories. Since it has no restrictions, the domain extension can be used by anyone.

Why Go With .guitars?

With very few sites using the .guitars domain name extension, your music website will likely stand out more among the rest of the sites in the lifestyle and entertainment niche. It instantly grabs the attention of music enthusiasts, especially those who are interested in anything that has to do with guitars.
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