Expand Your Reach With .fit

Do you run a fitness studio, gym, health club, or personal training service? Do you share fitness recipes or sell sports clothing and equipment? If you're a coach, athlete, or fitness and health enthusiast seeking to grow an online following, .fit is for you. Straightforward and snappy, the domain extension reinforces the nature of your website right away. Whatever the focus of your business is—training, products, or tips—grab your target audience's attention with .fit.

What Is .fit?

Among the few active TLDs in the health category, the .fit domain name extension has been in the Root Zone since January 2015. It was made available to the general public with no restrictions on April 29, 2015 and is currently under the registry management of Minds and Machines, LLC.

Who Uses .fit?

Initially created to cater to the fitness industry, .fit is now used by various individuals, organizations, and business enterprises that offer fitness-related content. The .fit extension has over 123,000 registrations that include health and fitness blogs, fitness clothing brands, gym and fitness equipment companies, and health supplement manufacturers.

Why Go With .fit?

A .fit extension identifies your website as part of the fitness community and connects you to global fitness enthusiasts. It helps you advocate healthy living and promote the importance of staying fit in a sedentary world. If you want to inspire people to get into shape and care about their health, a .fit domain extension is your best partner.
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