What is .fashion?

The .fashion domain name extension is a generic TLD delegated on December 6, 2014 and offered for general availability on April 15, 2015. Top Level Domain Holdings Limited manages its registry while Nominet handles the backend.

Who uses .fashion?

There are currently over 10,000 .fashion registrations, mostly from professionals in the fashion industry. This extension is used by fashion designers, models, and photographers to showcase their portfolio. It’s also popular among beauty and fashion bloggers who want to make a name in the industry.

Why go with .fashion?

Make heads turn with a domain name that highlights your interest in all things fashion. Establish your online presence as a fashion blogger or showcase your modelling portfolio. If you’re a clothing brand or a couturier, a .fashion extension helps you catch potential client interest more readily. Go with .fashion if you want to stand out in this competitive industry.
Frequently Asked Questions
A domain is your website name and the address where you are found on the internet. A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers followed by an extension. You may recognize .com, which is the most common extension. But we offer hundreds of others to help you stand out. Every domain is unique and must be registered before you use it.

Yes! You'll need to sign up for a Turbify plan. Make sure your domain is ready to transfer and supply the authorization code.

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TLD stands for ‘top-level domain’. It is the last part of the domain name. The most recognizable TLDs in the world are .com, .net, and .org. Other TLDs include .blog .cafe.info.

It’s time to get your website started. You can either create a domain starter page or sign up for a Websites plan. Domains can also be used to connect to your custom email.

Consider purchasing multiple domains related to your business name to protect your brand online.

If the domain that you really want for your business, hobby, or event is not currently available, do not worry. With hundreds of TLDs available through Turbify’ domain search, you still have a lot of options. Just search in the domain search bar and we are sure there will be a TLD that is a great match for you.
Yes! Your brand is very important to your business. Registering multiple domain names that relate to your business name will help keep your brand and domain protected. Signing up for Local is another great way to protect your brand.
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