Expand Your Reach With .com

Take part in the timeless trend with the ever popular .com domain name. While there are many unique domain names available today, nothing still comes close to the classic charm of .com. Because of its long history and established popularity, it is still the top-of-mind domain extension. Besides this, .com also has a stellar track record in terms of operational accuracy and stability. With .com, you and your business get to take part in this domain name’s reassuring familiarity and consistency.

What Is .com?

As one of the first top-level domain (TLD) names to be used in the Domain Name System in 1985, .com has seen widespread use and popularity. It currently has over 100 million registrants and can be used by any person or entity.

Who Uses .com?

Although this domain extension was originally intended for commercial use, no such restrictions apply nowadays. Despite having a slow start in the first decade or so, it soon experienced a boom as tens of millions of domain names were registered from 1997 onwards. Various people, organizations, and companies have chosen the .com as their website domain extension.

Why Go With .com?

.com is one of the most recognizable domain names and is used by many of the established brands and companies. As such, using .com can help in adding a professional touch in your brand’s website. The popularity of its domain name also makes it fairly easy to remember, which helps in getting people to visit your site. You can’t go wrong with a classic. Go for .com!
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