Expand Your Reach With .bingo

An online bingo or gaming website with a .bingo extension will assure players that they're operating in a legitimate environment, safe from phishers and scammers. You can stir excitement among 30, 50, 75, 80, and 90 Ball players vying for fixed, progressive, escalator, or community jackpots when you affix .bingo to your site. Organize bingo tournaments or launch a bingo app. The possibilities are endless! Welcome players to daub or auto-daub away at your .bingo web address.

What Is .bingo?

The .bingo generic top-level domain is among the almost 200 TLDs under the registry of Donuts Inc. It was delegated in the Lifestyle category of the Root Zone in the DNS structure on February 3, 2015. On May 20, it was offered for general availability without any geographic restrictions.

Who Uses .bingo?

.bingo has over 1,000 registrations today, mainly catering to bingo websites and players looking for a secure environment to conduct online bingo games. Bingo enthusiasts also use this extension for their personal blogs where they share their passion for the game.

Why Go With .bingo?

Let people know that you are a go-to site for all things bingo with a domain name extension that clearly states it. .bingo is perfect for personal bingo blogs, online bingo websites, bingo houses, and manufacturers of bingo accessories. This dedicated domain entices bingo players more to visit your site.
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