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Localworks puts you in control of your business listings across 70+ digital directories. Ensure consumers find accurate information about your business—no matter where they search.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Localworks is an all-in-one platform that helps you manage business listings across a network of 70+ directories including digital maps, apps, social networks, GPS systems, and search engines. These networks let business owners manage public information and facts about their business. Localworks puts you in control of how your business listings appear when potential customers search for businesses like yours online.
Online directories curate results based on found information, which can often lead to duplicate or conflicting search results. On some directories, consumers can suggest changes to business listings if they think the information is incorrect. A search engine’s algorithm delivers what it believes is the most accurate response to a user's search. Localworks lets you take control and lock in the correct information.
With Localworks, your content will not be overridden by publisher suggestions unless you specifically approve it. Managing publisher suggestions will help ensure that the public facts about your business are always accurate. Localworks also gives you access to features and tools that let you optimize your listings to stand out and have a better chance of discovery.
You are in good hands. While Localworks starts at only $1 a day, multi-location businesses are eligible for special pricing. Call 833-689-8646 and an Account Manager will help set up and optimize your listings.
You can optimize your listings within the dashboard but there is no guaranteed placement or search ranking.